Talent Lab

Discovering and developing promising talent is a huge part of keeping the EDM industry motor running and reaching new grounds. EDMC is all-in on offering music publishers the means to find their audiences by launching talent pools ahead of the ‘Play to Earn’ and ‘Listen to Earn’ features. Starting off with the first five genres being HOUSE, TECHNO, HARD STYLE, TRANCE and BIG ROOM.

The EDMC also offers music producers, publishers and deejays central access to the blockchain, Web3 and the metaverse.

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Working closely with select well-established DJ educational institutes, EDMC is developing an appealing curriculum aimed at teenagers which can be incorporated by secondary- and high schools.

This revealing program offers EDM industry insight and training offering youngsters, regardless of geographical location, a way to tap into and further explore their creativity. If participants feel a real connection with dance music, this program also paves the way for specialized programs in university for them and promote efficient further self-development.

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