The EDMC project brings dance labels, publishers, producers, deejays, promoters, agencies and fans all together into one big global dance music family community with its own independent currency. The EDM DanceCoin is built for all dance music lovers at every level, anywhere in the world.

Whether you get your nutrients from all-out hard-style, from mechanical techno or from a warm bath of deep house during the after hours at a party or club.. dance music is the tie that binds regardless of who or where you are. EDM and its following has become a global force that cannot be encumbered by physical borders and with EDM DanceCoin has its own independent global currency bringing more liberty, control and options wherever you are.





The EDMC app (iOS and Android) shows the amount of EDMC tokens in a user’s possession and one’s membership status. Based on this status, certain utilities are unlocked. For example a personal affiliate code which can be shared with your friends for future EDMC purchases.

Also EDM related news and advertisements will be presented in the app. The app will allow the user to buy festival tickets or upgrades, merchandise and other perks.

Eventually the app will facilitate so-called “Play-to-Earn” and “Listen-to-Earn” modules, where, with the latter, users are offered to listen to music of any young EDM talents and earn EDM DanceCoins in return!

More features will be built and unlocked as we aim for the EDMC app to become the number one Dance Festival platform as well as providing a low level entry into the crypto world.


Club EDMC is open to every EDMC holder. We share the same passion for Electronic Dance Music. EDMC Club represents a membership program where the community of EDM supporters and crypto enthusiasts will benefit from a wide range of exclusive rewards. Depending on their membership status, they will benefit from rewards, discounts and privileges.

The community consists of a ‘Fan Club’ and an ‘Investors Club’. Below you will find a schematic overview of the membership program that shows all benefits per accreditation level.

Become part of the largest global decentralized EDM community, claim your spot here.