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The new EDMC app is still being developed but the beta is available in the TestFlight app. Will you help us improve the app? Sign up as ‘Informal Tester’ and collect EDM Dancecoins as a token of our appreciation.

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Attention! Use the same email address that you wish to use when logging in to the EDMC app! We’ll send you a personal invitation for the TestFlight application.


The EDMC app (iOS and Android) shows the amount of EDMC tokens in a user’s possession and one’s membership status. Based on this status, certain utilities are unlocked. For example a personal affiliate code which can be shared with your friends for future EDMC purchases.

Also EDM related news and advertisements will be presented in the app. The app will allow the user to buy festival tickets or upgrades, merchandise and other perks.

Eventually the app will facilitate so-called “Play-to-Earn” and “Listen-to-Earn” modules, where, with the latter, users are offered to listen to music of any young EDM talents and earn EDM DanceCoins in return!

More features will be built and unlocked as we aim for the EDMC app to become the number one Dance Festival platform as well as providing a low level entry into the crypto world.