EDM Dancecoin

New digital crypto currency to support the Dance Music Ecosystem

Welcome to the world of EDMC – Crypto EDM Dancecoin, the new digital currency on the polygon Network that is set to revolutionize the music industry. At EDMC, we are proud to introduce our cryptocurrency that brings the worlds of music and blockchain together. The world’s only legitimate crypto currency created for the Electronic Dance Music industry where high rewards and real fanzone benefits meet in one place. EDMC token holders have access to all advantages the project has to offer.

 Our vision is to bring people closer together and to create and stimulate a peaceful and joyous mindset on a global scale.


What is EDMC EDM DanceCoin

For more than three decades, Electronic Dance Music (“EDM”) has brought joy, love and happiness to millions and millions of people. The Netherlands proved to be the cradle of the evolution of EDM, bringing ongoing innovation in dance culture and festival concepts globally with resounding success and has proved to be of great value for a big global following. Music unites and has the power to connect people cross borders worldwide. Music is beneficial for people’s health. It creates a feeling of freedom, an interpersonal connection and casts positive energy. The EDMC project has been initiated to financially support dance events and to stimulate the development of new productions and EDM talent.

The EDM DanceCoin is a community utility token currently based on the Polygon network, whereas other networks are continuously explored and tested for both a better customer experience and less of an environmental impact. Through EDMC we want to allow each contributor to be an active part of the constantly innovating music industry. DanceCoin tokens can be used for exclusive interactions and experiences. We are using cryptography and tokenization technology because it is fast, safe, convenient, cheap, and accessible for
everybody in the world.

It’s our ambition to: Build a Global, Community for EDM enthusiasts

EDM Dancecoin token build on polygon network

Build on the polygon network

We have choosen Polygon for our token generation. Polygon, previously known as MATIC, is a framework for building interconnected blockchain networks, combining the adaptability and scalability of alt chains with industry standard Ethereum’s security, liquidity and interoperability.

Being a Layer 2 solution, Polygon will benefit from Ethereum’s security, dynamic ecosystem, and transparency. Users will still be able to track transactions and access data as they would via Ethereum. Polygon’s future roadmap is very promising; it is becoming a multi-chain network, expanding on multiple blockchain scalability mechanisms, and is well on its way to becoming the Internet of blockchains.

Some of the key benefits of Polygon include:

  • Uses Proof of Stake (“PoS”)
  • Low gas fees
  • High Transaction Speed at 65,000 TPS, maxed
  • Surpassed Ethereum inactive wallet addresses (Asof 4 th Oct 2021)
  • Solved Scalability problems with PoS
  • EVM compatible

Polygon combines the best of Ethereum and sovereign blockchains into a full-fledged multichain system. What is more relevant to developers is that Polygon solves pain points associated with blockchains, like high gas fees and slow speeds, all without sacrificing security.

Building a structure on the Polygon network will eliminate transaction issues and smoothen the whole user experience.