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Dive into the world of the EDMC Network, a pioneering platform built on Polygon that stands at the epicenter of the global dance music scene. EDMC is more than just a brand; it’s a movement that unites dance labels, publishers, producers, DJs, promoters, agencies, and passionate fans into one expansive Electronic Dance Music Community (EDMC).

Our mission is to nurture emerging talents, providing them with a platform to shine and connect with audiences worldwide. With our decentralized talent pool application, DROPPER® by EDMC, users can discover new EDM talents, immersing themselves in fresh beats and innovative sounds. Our listen-and-vote-to-earn gamification mode isn’t just about listening; it’s about engagement

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At the heart of EDMC Network is DROPPER®, our decentralized talent launch platform.

It’s more than just a music app; it’s a gateway for fans to discover, vote for, and financially support new artists. $EDMC, our native token, is the lifeblood of this ecosystem.

It offers more than just transactional value — it represents membership perks and an integral part of our financial model.


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