About us

The heartbeat of our beat


EDMC: Uniting Through the Power of Dance

For over 30 years, Electronic Dance Music has been the pulse of joy, love, and unity.

At EDMC, we’re not just a team; we’re enthusiasts, pioneers, and believers hailing from the vibrant corners of finance, tech, and the electrifying world of music.

Our roots? The Netherlands – a cradle of dance music culture, where EDM isn’t just sound; it’s a revolution.

Our Mission: A Symphony of Innovation

We’re here to amplify the future of dance music.

By fostering talent, supporting electrifying events, and protecting the essence of dance culture, we aim to stitch a fabric of unity that transcends borders, connects hearts, and lights up souls.  Because when the beat drops, we’re all one family.

Vision: Harmonizing the World

Imagine a world dancing to the same rhythm, where peace and joy aren’t just moments, but a way of life. That’s the world we’re creating, one beat at a time.

Our Community: The Soul of Our Beat

At EDMC, we’re more than a network; we’re a family. A vibrant, diverse community bound by a shared passion for dance music. From creators to fans, from techno to trance, our community is the heart of the dance music universe. We celebrate the unique voices, the unstoppable dancers, and the dreamers who light up the night sky.

Empowering Voices, Creating Connections

We’re dedicated to providing a platform where every beat tells a story, every melody inspires a connection, and every event becomes a memory cherished in unison. It’s about amplifying voices, nurturing talents, and celebrating diversity in every form. Here, you’re not just a member; you’re a creator, a pioneer, a part of something bigger.

Together, We Dance

Join us on this journey. Together, we’ll innovate, inspire, and ignite the world with the power of dance music. Because at EDMC, every beat, every rhythm, and every heart in our community plays a part in the global dance symphony.

EDMC Network: Where community and music dance as one

Together we support the Dance Music Ecosystem; Let’s celebrate our freedom!

Partners & Backers

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