About us

For more than three decades, Electronic Dance Music has brought joy, love and happiness to millions of people.

The EDMC project is built by business professionals hailing from finance and information technology fields combined with creative professionals from the music industry. Though our individual fields of expertise differ, we stand shoulder shoulder for our shared deep and personal life-long connection with EDM.

The current team completely consists of people born and raised in The Netherlands which was among the countries that fully embraced dance music after it came to us from the US. The Netherlands played a considerable role the revolution and evolution of electronic dance music, surrounded by EDM

juggernauts like the UK, Germany, France and Belgium and EDM culture cradles including Spain and Sweden nearby as well, the climate to grow a deeply rooted EDM culture could not have been any better. Music unites and has the power to connect and inspire people completely ignoring physical borders and cultural backgrounds. We strongly believe music and the emotions it activates are beneficial for people’s overall health. It creates a feeling of freedom, an interpersonal connection and casts positive energy. The EDMC project has been established to financially support dance events, stimulate the development of new productions and EDM talent and safeguard the overall dance music culture.

Our vision is to bring people closer together and to create and stimulate a peaceful and joyous mindset on a global scale.


EDMC’s integrated ecosystem is designed to encourage utilization in the real world, which creates a growing ecosystem that will drive the value of EDMC tokens. We have also set out the following design principles for developing the integrated ecosystem:


The key advantages of using blockchain in EDMC’s ecosystem are transparency and traceability; it provides EDMC with the ability to ensure that DanceCoin transactions are properly authenticated and reconcilable. However, the use of cryptocurrencies remains challenging for new users. Therefore, it is crucial for EDMC to optimize the user experience of utilizing DanceCoins within EDMC’s integrated ecosystem to achieve high usability.


The development of an integrated ecosystem will be a massive undertaking. Scalability designs will be an important Day 1 consideration for software design because our EDMC environment will be accessible worldwide and adjusted based on the geolocation position of individuals. In addition, the software must be designed in a way that is capable of horizontal scaling as more new content and functionalities are being added into the EDMC ecosystem.


Blockchain safeguards transparency by creating an unalterable record of transactions with end-to-end encryption. Each time a transaction is recorded on a blockchain, an audit trail is present. A blockchain token cannot be revoked, and its transaction ledger for public addresses is open to viewing. The issuing company cannot modify or add new tokens to the system, which means that consumers do not have to worry about their tokens being devalued before they can use them.


EDMC’s integrated ecosystem will be built with a long-term strategy view to ensure the sustainability of the business model. All new business models will undergo a business development process within EDMC for research and exploration by qualified individuals before implementation. This is important to ensure that the business model remains viable for the long term.


Scarcity has been incredibly difficult online as most online resources can be easily copied and distributed. This makes it very hard for digital artists to establish a monetized creative business and for collectors to value digital art. Blockchain allows digital assets to have verifiable scarcity and ownership that cannot be manipulated. With this in place, attaching value to digital assets becomes significantly easier, which open doors to creating opportunities for digital artists.

Together we support the Dance Music Ecosystem; Let’s celebrate our freedom!

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