Recap of our December 2023 AMA — Celebrating milestones and looking ahead

The year 2023 was monumental for EDMC Network, as we continued to push the boundaries of innovation at the intersection of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and blockchain technology.
Our recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on December 14, 2023, provided an opportunity for our community to connect with us, share in our achievements, and get a glimpse of what lies ahead.
In this article, we’ll look back at some of the highlights from that memorable AMA, with a special focus on a major listing announcement, insights into Dropper®, and a peek into our roadmap.

Listing announcement: A 2024 Milestone
During the AMA, we unveiled an exciting piece of news that has generated immense anticipation within our community: our listing plans for 2024. We’re thrilled to share that we are in discussions with reputable partners to ensure a strategic and beneficial listing experience.
We recognize the importance of timing, market conditions, and ensuring that our community gains the maximum benefit from this milestone.

Our listing in 2024 represents a significant step forward for EDMC Network. It’s not just about joining the ranks of cryptocurrency projects; it’s about providing an opportunity for crypto enthusiasts, music lovers, and EDM fans to become part of our vibrant community. We’re committed to making this listing a resounding success and will share specific details, including exchange information, as they become available. Stay tuned for more updates as we navigate this exciting path.

Dropper®: The Heartbeat of Our Ecosystem
At the core of EDMC Network’s vision lies Dropper®, our decentralized talent launch platform. It’s not just a music app; it’s a gateway for fans, artists, labels, and promoters to come together in a unique ecosystem. Dropper® is where emerging talents find their voice, and music enthusiasts discover new rhythms and support their favorite artists.

A key component of Dropper® is $EDMC, our native token. It’s more than just a means of transaction; it’s the lifeblood of our ecosystem. $EDMC offers membership perks and plays a pivotal role in our financial model. It’s a token that embodies the spirit of our community and empowers both artists and fans.

Roadmap insights: What’s on the horizon
Our journey doesn’t stop at listing announcements and platform features. Looking at our roadmap, we have an exciting path ahead in 2024.
Q1/Q2 2024: We’re gearing up for the public launch of Dropper® on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This is a game-changer for the EDMC Network, as it brings our platform to a broader audience.
Q3/Q4 2024: Governance functions will be integrated into the Dropper® app, allowing our community to actively participate in shaping our ecosystem. We’re also expanding our brand partnership program and scaling up our network architecture to ensure a seamless experience. Beyond 2024: Our vision extends far beyond the current year, with plans for new features, collaborations, and continuous evolution to keep EDMC Network at the heart of the EDM community.

Join us in shaping the future of EDM:
In conclusion, our December 2023 AMA was a celebration of milestones achieved and dreams on the horizon. We’re committed to transparency, community engagement, and pushing the boundaries of music and blockchain technology.
Join us on this thrilling journey, participate in our events, and stay tuned for more exciting updates. Connect with us on our socials, and let’s continue to make history together: