Good morning, enthusiasts of the digital and dance music intersection! The EDMC team is thrilled to share our latest progress and exciting developments with our vibrant community.
Trademark and Platform Development

We’re proud to announce that DROPPER has been officially trademarked, marking a significant milestone in our journey. Concurrently, the MVP of our DROPPER platform and application is nearing completion, with the final touches being applied before its submission to Apple’s TestFlight program. This advancement is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in the digital music space.
Alpha Testing and Community Engagement

In preparation for our next phase, we’ve been assembling an Alpha test group comprising producers, labels, influencers, investors, and team members. This diverse group will play a crucial role in refining our platform, focusing on workflows, algorithms, and overall user experience to ensure DROPPER meets the community’s needs and expectations.
Sales Initiatives and Strategic Postponements

Our sales strategy is underway, with the KOL (King of Legends) sales round beginning this week. These influential crypto advocates will be instrumental in promoting EDMC, enhancing our project’s visibility, and contributing to the token’s value development. Additionally, we’ve made the strategic decision to postpone our private sales rounds to mid-March, aligning with market conditions and our roadmap’s progression.
Community Growth and Partnerships

Our community continues to thrive, surpassing 10,000 followers on Telegram and Twitter, thanks to our targeted promotions and the introduction of a new Airdrop bot and Gleam campaign. Our burgeoning Discord server also reflects our growing influence, with 8,000 followers engaging with our content.

In collaboration news, we’ve laid the groundwork for a promising partnership with the Breda Beats Foundation, aiming to foster talent development in Electronic Dance Music through shared knowledge and networks.
Upcoming Events

Looking ahead, we’re excited to host the last Dutch-language AMA session on March 6th, in collaboration with Dutch Cryptomanen (Telegram link: This session promises to be a rewarding experience for our Dutch-speaking members, with token rewards for the best questions.
Engage with Us

We welcome your questions and encourage you to participate in our upcoming AMA session. The EDMC team is dedicated to keeping you informed and involved every step of the way.

Together, we’re not just building a platform; we’re fostering a community where passion for music and technology converges. Let’s continue to support each other and drive EDMC forward.




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