Hello EDMC enthusiasts!

In the ever-evolving landscape of Electronic Dance Music, our recent AMA was a beacon of inspiration, community spirit and had a great host with very relevant questions about our project. It’s thrilling to witness the passion and engagement that defines our ecosystem.
If you were not in the position to follow the AMA live, you can follow this link to the video: AMA@DutchCryptoManen (Dutch only).
As we chart our course forward, let me share some pivotal updates and initiatives that promise to enrich our journey together.

What’s on the Horizon?

  • Engage and Win:Our Telegram channel is set to buzz with the Active Conversation Contest. It’s more than a contest; it’s a celebration of ideas and unity. Join in, share your vision, and win exclusive rewards.
  • Alpha adventures:
    The Dropper app is gearing up for its alpha test phase. Selected (community) members will get an early look, providing feedback that shapes the app’s development.
    This phase is crucial for refining features, ensuring stability and enhancing user experience, making it an essential step in our journey toward redefining how we discover and support EDM talent.
  • Strategic dialogues:
    The next few weeks are crucial as we engage with Venture Capitalists. These conversations are vital for our growth and the expansion of our ecosystem. We’re focused on fostering partnerships that will amplify our mission to revolutionize the EDM landscape.

Thank you for your unwavering support and enthusiasm. The rhythm of our progress is set to accelerate, and together, we’re on the brink of something spectacular.

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Let’s make magic happen.

With gratitude,

The EDMC Network Team